Tuesday, April 15, 2008

These shoes are made for walkin'...plus other...

Madelyn is walking now. I am so proud of her!! She looks so cute with her hands flying around in the air as she is carefully taking each step forward. She does occasionally fall, but she is really loving the walking technique. So, at 13 months she is now a walking tator tot. :)

Madelyn is really loving looking in the mirror now, too. Whenever I show her to herself, she squeals and has the most cheesiest grin on her face. Boy, don't you wish we could still have that instant joy when we look in the mirror? What changed that? MEDIA~

Madelyn loves to eat. I try to not just feed her what I will eat, but try to give her good variety and lots of colors. I think this will help her broaden her tastes. There are many things she doesn't like, but I will just keep introducing them to her.

I have been teaching Madelyn and Claudia 'Ring Around the Rosey' and at first Madelyn was not interested at all. Well, yesterday, I stood up and said, "let's do ring around the rosey." Caleb and Claudia came over and grabbed my hands...then, here came Miss Madelyn. She was happy to come and join us now. It was precious! She stood up, and Claudia reached over to grab her hand. Madelyn wasn't really in the mood for hand holding, but it was cute nonetheless. The kids all laugh and giggle when they "all fall down!"

Madelyn is starting to talk now, too. She says thank you: Ta, Ta; she says love you: La, lu; she says diaper: dai, dai; she says Dad: dah, dah; and she says Mom: ma, ma. She is so cute, she tries to say so much, and she gets mad if we aren't listening. She will talk to us about getting her drink. If we don't catch it, she starts yelling and getting mad at us. It is really funny, actually.
She is also giving hugs and kisses. If you ask her for a kiss (most of the time) she says, "Mmmm..." and kisses~ with mouth wide open. Also, if you ask for a hug, she will hug with all affection, and even lay her head on your shoulder. Once in awhile, she will pat my shoulder. It is so heart melting!
**I love you Madelyn~


Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

Hi Sarah! This is such a sweet post about your sweet little one! Reading all of this makes me want a little one even more! In Gods timing of course! I can see your loving heart shine through when you write about things you adore, you sweet little Madelyn.

P.S. you have been tagged, check my blog!!

Anonymous said...

They are a lot of fun at this stage, aren't they. I'm sure Madelyn will get even more active and more into expressing herself in the months ahead.

Milk Mama said...

Oh she is so precious!!! Don't you just love all of the new things? :) I wish I could see her giving kisses! My heart just melts when Anna gives me kisses! She's at the age where her lips are all puckered now. It... it melts my heart! :D