Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prissy Poofs~ A review

Prissy Poofs make such darling tu-tus! I was super impressed with the quality and attention to detail! I love the Princess tu-tu that I got for Madelyn! It is a pretty pale pink, and has pretty thin ribbons that trail down from the waist. It came with an adorable crown to make the costume complete! Madelyn is going to love playing the role of a Princess in this tu-tu! Prissy Poofs make several costumes ranging from Cotton Candy Cowgirl Poof, to Prima Ballerina Poof, Boa Poof, to Knotty Poof. Prissy Poofs make really adorable and creative "Poofs" for the little princesses! Many poofs come with great accessories!

There are also Teeny Poofs, Seasonal Poofs, Prissy Poofs, Spooky Poofs, and Poof Apparel. Prissy Poofs has also put some packages together to make your set complete! The sizes are XS-L (6 months-size 7/8). There is also a Teeny size (newborn-6 months available in the Teeny Poofs).Prissy Poofs was created by two moms on a mission, Laura and Deborah! They were on a mission to "help Mother's in search of upscale dress-up that can successfully (and quite adorably we might add) be worn out of the house to... the Grocery Store, School, Church, or even Dad's office, without a scene." I would say that they have succeeded! I love the poof...and I would feel confident to wear it out of the house, too!
OK, if I was a little girl, I would! I loved dress up! The wonderful creators of the Prissy Poofs first made the Poofs for a daughter's 3 year old birthday party for all of the guests, and the rest is (as they say) is history! I love that each poof is hand-made...and very well done! I feel blessed to have one of their poofs. Madelyn may want more, so, I will know where to go! I think this company really makes adorable "poofs" and I am so happy I found them! You should check them out!


Anonymous said...

Awwww What cute pics of Madelyn!! I've always thought of getting Katie one of these, but haven't yet.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my word! Maddie is too adorable in that! Love the crown, too!

Milk Mama said...

That is so adorable!!! You should get her pictures taken in that. It's adorable!!! I want a tutu for Anna's photos. :) It's so cute!

It's ok that you haven't been visiting. I'm so sorry to hear that all of the kids are sick!!! Hopefully Madelyn gets over it fast and same with your boys! :(