Monday, April 14, 2008

Matchbox Introduces Exciting Spring Line!

Matchbox is introducing an exciting line of role play toys allowing kids to emulate their real life fire fighting heroes with a value-packed collection of fire-themed play sets and role-play gear. I received two of the new products: Mega Rig Blaze Brigade building system and the Super-blast Fire Hose. Caleb had a lot of fun playing with these! The Building system is a fire truck that can be made into twenty separate fire fighting vehicles. Caleb likes to hit the siren, raise the ladder and put the water cannon and shoot out the spray of water. There are a lot of pieces, so it can be a bit for cleaning up and keeping track of everything. Just like the other Mega Rig vehicles, you can break this one down and build it up any way you like. For ages 4 years and up, and retails for only $19.99.

The SUPER-BLAST Fire Hose lets kids aim at the "flames" and can hit their target with soft foam balls to replicate the water hose action. Caleb likes to pop the balls into the blaster and pull back to shoot them up to 15 feet, especially at his dad! This is a great and fun toy. I really liked this one from Matchbox! For ages 3 years and up, and retails at $17.99.

I think over all their new line is fun and innovative! It creates a sense of imagination and role playing. Caleb says he would like to be a firefighter when he grows up, and this helps him play his dream out as a child, and have fun with it. He loves it!

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