Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We miss our friend!

Since my kid's have been so sick lately, we have missed a lot of work with babysitting. Claudia is such a little honey pie, and we miss playing with her. Caleb asks everyday if we are going to Claudia's house now. I will post some pictures of our day over at her house, so you can see what we do!
They usually always play so well together...really!
This is Miss Claudia...she is such a cutie pie!
This is Caleb's shop where I buy Ice Cream and cheeseburgers from him!
The girls are putting on (play) lipstick, combing their hair, and chatting on the phone.
We miss you Claudia, we hope to see you soon!


Alicia @ said...

What sweet little ones!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww She is a cutie!! That's great they all play nice together likt that!

Milk Mama said...

Aw! Claudia is so cute! It looks like the kids have fun together! :D