Thursday, April 3, 2008

More hair to do...

I have been really getting into cutting people's hair, and coloring lately. Ever since the ninth grade (a long time ago) I have wanted to be a beautician. I started cutting Barbie's hair when I was in elementary school. My mom was not happy with that decision. She took my dolls away (of the ones that I cut their hair) and said I will not get them back. When I was in college, she had them out to show me. I asked if I could have them to show to my kids someday, and she really struggled to let me have them even them...that is really following through! Way to go MOM...but, I did get them back after much pleading.
So, I have been cutting Nathaniel's hair since he was a baby. I have to say, his first year or two of life he modeled some really funky styles...I have really matured in my hair cutting abilities I must say. When I met Terry (my husband) I cut my first adult Male's hair. He really liked it. He doesn't have a difficult cut...just buzzing, and then he likes the whole thing cut with scissors. So, it is tedious, but scissor cut is so much better looking. I also cut my first female hair when I met his sister for the first time. I cut off about 9 inches. She loved the cut, and I was glad. Just in the last year, I have cut 2 of my friend's hair, and they really liked the cuts, and other people commented on their hair cuts,, that made me feel good. Then, last month, I did my first highlighting with foils. I did my friend Lisa's hair, and Jody's hair with foils. I think they turned out really cute, and fun. I also cut their hair. I gave Jody a whole new style, and she really liked it. Well, tonight, I did Lisa's mom's hair. I highlighted it, and touched up her new hair cut. She wasn't liking how the salon had cut it, so, I just cut it a little different.
I really appreciate my "guinea pigs" for trying to spread my wings with learning to be a beautician, so I say, "Thank you so much!" Terry and I are considering putting me through school, so we can earn some money out of it. We might as well get paid for something I love to do (besides blogging). We would like to have a salon out of our home. Don't worry friends, you can still get a discount...but free days will come to an end sometime. (*wink*) This gal has to help with the load of bills...especially with gas nearing $4.00/gallon! YIKES!

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Qtpies7 said...

I get compliments on my hair all the time! Thanks!
I know the freebies gotta end sometime, but you can keep using us as guinia pigs until that time. You'll be a great beautician!