Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby items: Buskins and Jazzy Toes: A review

I love finding shoes for Madelyn! I love the Buskins shoes that I just heard about. I like them because they are soft soled, lightweight, and flexible.

Pediatricians now recommend that children up to two years of age go barefoot (when practical and safe). As we all know, going barefoot isn't always acceptable or safe. I would love to be barefoot or in slippers all the time. Soft-soled leather shoes serve this purpose. The soft baby shoes enables children’s feet to grow naturally and to flex when they walk. A soft-soled shoe also enables them to sense the ground beneath their feet and to grasp with their toes as they learn how to walk.
Buskins Baby Shoes Features:
100% genuine soft leather
Focus on fit and comfort with 6 sizes for babies from 0-24 months
Velcro fasteners make Buskins easy to put on and stay on
Safe non-skid soft leather soles allow children’s feet to flex when they walk
Handcrafted in Australia
These shoes vary in pricing from $15-40 a pair.

Then, there are cute baby socks! These would make a great baby shower gift for that little newborn! They are stylish and creative. They bring a new meaning to socks. Jazzy Toes are socks that look like shoes!
Adorable socks for little boys are a specialty of Jazzy
That’s because anyone shopping for a shower gift or a new baby present has noticed that the selection for socks for boys ages 0-24 months is limited.

Each pair of Jazzy Toes socks come with a non-skid grip that helps baby to walk without slipping. Each sixpair set, which contains six colors of one style—for instance, of cowboy boots—is $25 for size 0-12 months, or $27 for 12-24 month sizes.
The variety pack for both boys and girls contains an assortment of six styles in various colors, and are priced at $27 for 0-12 months and $29 for 12-24 months.
Founder Winnie Liu, a mother of two young boys, felt the current offerings were
limited for boys so she created her own team with industrial designer Raymond Hwang. Jazzy Toes offers a truly unique collection of baby socks for new mothers and gift givers. For more information click on their website

I think both of these products are creative, fun, very useful, and inventive!

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Grandma J said...

The socks remind me of some baby booties that someone I used to work with made back in the late 70's, early 80's. I ordered a pair for my oldest son that looked like cowboy boot. There were some that looked like high top tennis shoes, ballet slippers, mary janes, roller name it. They were very similar to the socks here except they crocheted, or knit.

Alicia @ said...

These are the cutest!!! I cant wait to have stuff like this lying around my house, now if God would just grant that desire we would be on a roll! haha Okay, so He is teaching me patience I guess!