Saturday, April 26, 2008

Only in Minne"Snow"ta! ~and other chatting.

Well, it is suppose to be spring. Really, it is April 26th. Yet, we woke up to about an inch of snow! I can't believe it! I don't have a picture to post, but you can see what I mean by checking over at my friend's blog: Our Seven Qtpies, because she caught it on camera! I just want Spring to be here. It was only Wednesday that I had shorts on me and the kiddos with was almost 80 degrees that day! Now, 3 days later it is freezing with snow. By this afternoon, a lot of it was melted away. It looks so weird because the grass is super green from all the rain, and we have the coating of snow. To me, it looks like frosting spilt all over our grass and hills.

Today, Terry went to go meet up with a train club. They are working on building a layout. If you are unfamiliar with model trains, a "layout" is a big board with scenery and track. A train travels around on the track. It is quite fun to watch, because some people really work hard at putting a lot of detail into their layouts. Last year we went to a train show in Menomonie, WI. They had so many layouts! If I took a guess, there were about 150 layouts! Some of them are not small either. I saw some that had little playgrounds with kids riding on teeter totters and swing sets. The equipment moved, too! Very cool! Lights, sound, people moving, a train guard going down...very inventive and creative! It is my husband's love hobby, and I have really grown to love it too. As a family, we go and watch real trains at the train yard every other weekend. We stand about 5 feet from a moving train. It is a rush. Caleb is really loving it! Maddie does the sign for train when we go now. It is cute. All day today Caleb has been asking to go watch trains.

While Terry went to work on the train set, Caleb, Madelyn and I went to see my Aunt and Uncle. It has been awhile since I have seen them. It was great to visit and see pictures from their trip out west. I really love spending time with my relatives! I wish I could see them more often. I feel lucky to get to see them today. I usually only see them once or twice a year. It was fun to catch up with them.

Caleb has had a fever most of the day. Last night he complained of a head ache, and he didn't get a fever until 10:00ish. He did great most of the day, except for around 4:00. He was whiny, complained of his head hurting and a head ache, and he was hot. I really should have stayed home with him today. He did mention his ears hurting on the way home. So, I wonder if it may be an ear infection, or double ear infection., on to another round of sickness. I am a little concern about him. It seems like he complains of a head ache once a week or every other week lately. He has his yearly check up the beginning of June...but I may have to get him in sooner. We will see how tomorrow goes. I may have to bring him in Monday morning.

I am anxious to go get Nathaniel tomorrow. He is with his dad this weekend. It is good for him to have time with his dad, but I sure miss him when he is gone.


Milk Mama said...

Wow! I can't believe the crazy weather you're having! I didn't know you were from Minnesota! :D Hopefully it'll start warming up over there!

Wow! Snow!!! O.O

Milk Mama said...

First of all those Jazzy Toes are adorable! I've never heard of them... wish I had them when Anna was younger and her feet were too darn chubby for shoes lol! :D

Thank you for all of the photo comments! I wrote down on a notepad some responses for you: :)
I love Anna's baby legs! I figured most people would have to stay up pretty late to enter. 12AM isn't so bad for me. It's about the time I go to bed anyway.
That's funny your mom didn't like Glow Worms. I never really heard of them until recent years. I think it maybe had something to do with my upbringing lol.
My sister Melissa just turned 31 this year. She was born in 77, April 19th. She has gorgeous hair! I love her hair. I've always been a tad jealous of her beautiful curls! I'd love to see baby photos of you! =)
I was so glad I won the new background and template. I had just complained (secretly of course to myself) that I would love a new template and was trying to figure out the HTML code when I won! Go figure... I'd still like to try to figure out the HTML though.
I'm happy for my friends who had the twins. I used to want twins, but now after having one child I don't think I could carry two very easily. I'm short--5"1 3/4' so I had horrible backpain throughout my first pregnancy. Twins would be so much fun,though!!!
Scripture Sunday comment... I was thinking about my brother. How much easier it all would have been if I was sure he was in heaven. I'm so glad that we know the Lord. I know where I'm going. I don't want anyone to mourn my death. Instead, celebrate the fact that I'm with Jesus at last!
The camera... nuh-uh! I WANT IT MORE!!! :D
Breastfeeding... I'm so glad to hear you stuck it through with Nathaniel! I was very thankful Anna was so easy. She was a great nurser from the beginning with no problems. Every baby is different... maybe the next will be stubborn and want to tear my nipple off with each nursing ***knock on wood!*** Let's hope not though!!! Is Madelyn nursing again more often? Maybe it was a stage where she wasn't feeling the whole nursing thing lol. :D Oh I love the signs. I think they are so precious! I love it when Anna signs Twinkle and Milk. It's sweeter still when she says, "Pease" (please) in her sweet little voice. Oh being a mommy is the best, isn't it? :)
Thank you for taking the time to reply to so many of my posts! :D

Alicia @ said...

What a busy day for you! That train thing does sound really cool, I bet it is rush!! Hope you little one starts feeling better, I know I have that cold and its not too fun! Here in Ca it is in the 80's maybe 90's but its a really dry heat...whew!

Anonymous said...

I know, this weather is *crazy*! I put the patio furniture out last Monday, just to have it snowed on on Friday. I mean, *what* was I thinking? [eye roll]

Sorry you have a sickie again. You are just having an awful year with that.