Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My friend is such a great photographer!

I got to see my dear friend, Jennifer, on Sunday! I was so excited to get together. We haven't seen each other since Madelyn was 6 months old. We live really far from each other, but as we all know, live keeps occupying our lives. She is one amazing photographer! I hope she doesn't mind me sharing these photos...these are her work~
I think this photo was caught at just the right moment. Jennifer does such a superb job knowing when to click that button to capture the feeling of the photo. I was laughing at our super cute kids. Madelyn was knocking Brody on the head with a rubber duck. Then, she was putting the ducky in his hood, taking it out, then putting it in there again. This is her new fun thing to do.
This is a photo of Madelyn and Jen's little guy, Brody. Madelyn and Brody are only 2 months apart. Jennifer and I keep joking that they will marry someday...if only arranged marriages could still work! We did try to get them to kiss each other, or hug each other. Brody kept holding her hand and smiling at her. Madelyn just liked to whack him with the duck or her hand. Such affection from a little one year old.

I would say this is one of my favorites. I love Madelyn's blue eyes and that expression of innocence on her face. She has so many expressions...and she rarely smiles for that camera. I think it is one of her phobias.

I love how Jennifer caught that cute little face with such a look...total awe!

You can see Jennifer's website here, and you can purchase her photography here.

No, she did not ask me to advertise for her, or give her any advertising...I just hope people can see her work, and that she is flooded with business! She takes amazing pictures that are priceless~


Milk Mama said...

Sarah, don't stress it. If you don't get the book sent off for a month, I won't mind. :)
Wow I love those photos! They are darling!!! The one of Mady and Brody is so adorable!!! Oh my goodness that last photo is just plain precious! Her little pink sweater is darling!

jpandtheboys said...

Sarah that was so thoughtful... I think I turned a little red, and I got teary eyed. *blushing* Thank you for being a friend.

BTW.. I never got an email from you about where to post my giveaway.

Anonymous said...

What great shots!!! I wish I could take pictures like that!!

My Mom always loves the "butt" pictures!

Stephanie said...

That IS a pretty picture of Madelyn. My daughter has that same little shirt with the shiny buttons. :)