Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meet Kojo...Caleb's friend!

Caleb loves our new "adopted" pet. His name is Kojo, and he is a crocodile. He is soft, and cuddly. Caleb loves what he can do with Kojo. He can play with him and take him on his adventures. He can use Kojo's back as a fluffy pillow. When he gets chilly, he can unzip him, and pull out a really soft and warm blanket. Kojo is a great pet that is a great 3 for 1. He is so handy and creates lots of smiles for all three of our kids. We may have to adopt a few other pets from the New 2008 Collection of Zoo Animals! Kojo is a Zoobie Pet created by two brothers who were on a quest for innovation, a love of children (coming from a family of 9 we know what kids like!), and a thirst for travel. They wanted to come up with something new, something extremely cuddly, and something that would be both fun for kids and handy for parents while at home and on the road. Zoobie™ Pets make the ideal traveling companions for children, keeping kids entertained when they are awake and comfortable when they are asleep. The signature faces all contain micro beads, making them extremely soft (and fun for children to squeeze!). If anything, this is the only part of the animal that worries me a bit. I wouldn't want that head to get a hole in it...little beads everywhere. So, we just have to be very careful. Each animal has its own definitive extra-soft-to-the-touch body texture, making for exceptionally comfy pillows. The inner blankets are made of cozy, warm coral fleece~the perfect cuddling companion. I like that the blanket is pretty completely covers Caleb. I am excited to bring Kojo on his first weekend get away this coming weekend.
Welcome to the family, Kojo!
Do you want to know where you can adopt a pet? Zoobie™ Pets can be found here .


Milk Mama said...

Oh isn't he adorable with his zoobie pet? :D Those things are so cute. I like the Giraffe and the Hippo. :D

The prayers must've worked. Anna is doing fine now. She hasn't thrown up in going on five hours and is running around and eating like normal Praise God!

Anonymous said...

A crocodile? As my one-year-old would say: "sssn-ap!" (accompanied by her hands snapping together like big crocodile teeth).

Yes, it's supposed to be in the 50s this weekend, but I also heard something about rain! I hope not!

jpandtheboys said...

How adorable. I love how happy and excited he looks. cute. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!! To bad I didn't think of it. :)

Stephanie said...

I've been seeing those Zoobie pets everywhere. What a great concept - and I love the alligator one. Great choice!

Stephanie said...

Oops - is that a crocodile or an alligator? :)