Sunday, April 20, 2008

I love my kids~

Here is Nathaniel! He is such a goof ball lately. I think it is because he is a "Tween" Right now. He loves to read, and he is an ace student. He makes weird noises, talks/sings to himself, is EXTREMELY forgetful, is EXTREMELY loving and thoughtful, is very generous, and is bossy to his little brother. He loves frogs, caterpillars, spiders, turtles, and anything outside that crawls. He is my precious first-born son! Thank you God for blessing my life with Nathaniel!
Here is Caleb! He is a little comedian. He loves to make people laugh, and he has an amazing memory. He is very smart, and smart mouthed (ahem...mine and Terry's fault). He is really starting to move into the "terrible 2's" even though he turns 3 next month. He likes to get his older brother into trouble. He is very loving and loves to spend time with people. He is my precious second-born son! Thank you God for blessing my life with Caleb!
Here is Madelyn! She is a very funny little girl. She is really starting to put her words together. She loves to be held, and is spoiled. :) That is my fault. She is a little peanut...but she has one mighty temper...that is her daddy's fault. :)
She is smart (she is signing quite a few words now) and is more mobile now that she is walking 90% of the time. She is my precious little girl! Thank you God for blessing my life with Madelyn!


Milk Mama said...

You have beautiful intelligent children! :D

Unknown said...

What a sweet testimony to your kids!
TTYS - Sniz

Alicia @ said...

What a so very sweet tribute to your precious little ones! You have an amazing love for each one! Thanks for sharing about them and celebrating these three wonderful God given gifts!

Alicia @ said...

By the way I like your new blog look!!! Very cute!!

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, you changed your background again. I like the colors.