Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Friday walk with the kids...Scootababy helps!

I went on a walk on Friday with all the kids...Nathaniel (he didn't have school), Caleb, Madelyn and Claudia. It was a beautiful day outside! I only have a double stroller, so Caleb and Claudia

rode in the stroller. Nathaniel and I walked. I was so happy to have my new Scootababy sling! It is such a comfortable way to wear Madelyn! I really love how this sling allows me to carry Madelyn on my hip, and wear kids like they like to be. She can see everything from this angle! The Scootababy is so easy to use! I click the strap around my waist, hold Madelyn against the material on my hip, then lift the strap over her head and mine. Then, if I want the strap tighter, or want to loosen it up, it is very easy to adjust. Madelyn is only #16 1/2 pounds, so she was super light in the sling. I also put Caleb in the Scootababy, and he loves it! He is almost #30 pounds, and this is the first sling I have seen that he can be in comfortably! Scootababy can be used for babies aged 5 months and up (to 40 pounds).

Designed by Audra Meng, a mother in Sunnyvale, Calif., and her husband Jack, Scootababy isn’t just one more in the long list of slings, pouches, front packs, baby backpacks and mei tais on the market. According to Meng, “I've tried and appreciated them all! But none of these carriers did what I wanted most – to carry my baby in the most natural position (straddling the hip), in comfort, convenience, and style. I didn't want to fuss with anything that needed a lot of adjusting to put on and readjusting to get baby in or out.”During her process of creating Scootababy, Meng felt that a great baby wearing device needed something that would be comfortable and distribute a baby's weight over more than just the shoulders. She believed this would become even more important as a baby got older and heavier. After many attempts, she came up with something that is an innovative combination of comfort and simplicity. The Scootababy distributes weight evenly, has a lightly padded and shaped seat for baby, and its supportive fleece shoulder is elastic and conforms to any size wearer without impeding arm movement. Additionally, its wide, padded waist belt not only helps distribute a baby’s weight more evenly, but provides an added element of security.

The Scootababy is a product that features quality design, materials, and workmanship. The sturdy construction with reinforced seams is sewn in the U.S., made from quality materials from U.S. suppliers: Polartec® fleece, 100% cotton ring-spun denim from U.S. mills, performance EVA foam. It is currently offered in two styles: Classic and Jellybeans. Suggested retail price is $107.00.

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Qtpies7 said...

I agree, it is one of the top slings I have EVER tried! I love it and want one so bad!