Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby clothes that are "Uncommonly Cute"!

Madelyn is the Queen of Drama!! She is all girl, through and through! She is the little princess who will throw a fit if things don't sway her way! Seriously, she can have a temper. I believe I have a strong-willed child here. She may be little, but she can sure hold her own! I am glad there are cute baby clothes for little Divas with 'tude!
I found the perfect shirt for my little miss sassipants! "Drama Queen" from Uncommonly Cute! I love this little shirt that says it all~
Uncommonly cute has many hip, fun and cute (baby) clothes for newborns, infants and tots! I love fun baby clothes!
Someday I will have to order this one on the right for Madelyn! It will be fun to let the news out in a subtle way...huh?
They offer onesies, short sleeves and long sleeve shirts, and they even offer shirts for twins. The sizes range from Preemie (up to 7 pounds)- Size 6 (up to 45 pounds).
Who is the wonderful lady who came up with the Uncommonly Cute shop? Allison Friedland put her MBA and marketing background to good use and created Uncommonly Cute on behalf of all the speechless babies subjected to the humiliation of having to wear clothes that clearly contradicted their personalities! Uncommonly Cute's t-shirts and onesies not only afford babies a sense of individual style-be they a Diva, a Rock Star or a Fashionista-but comfort as well. Each garment is made of 100% combed cotton and is super, super soft. Sure to delight the babies' no-fuss, socially conscious moms, the clothes are all machine washable, safe, durable and made in sweatshop-free American studios.

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Qtpies7 said...

Those are cute shirts! I like a cute shirt the just captures a personality.