Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby's First Moves: A Product review

Our family is all about music and singing! That is one of the reasons I was really excited to watch our Baby Einstein: Baby's First Moves DVD!
I really liked watching this with Madelyn, Caleb and Claudia (the little girl I babysit). The kids had so much fun watching the little puppets, and the kids dance, crawl, walk, jump...and many other moves. Madelyn loved when the baby's and puppets did things like reach up, and play peek-a-boo. She giggled a few times through out the movie. Caleb loves doing what the puppets and kids did. He really likes the song, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." He loved doing the actions with the kids on the DVD. Madelyn, Caleb and Claudia clapped their hands with the kids and puppets when they did.
I like that I can do these movements with the kids as the little ones on the DVD help lead. It really is fun to see how the kids interact with using their milestones: crawling, walking, jumping, and dancing. I really enjoy that these DVD's have real children and babies in them. Kids love looking at other children and mimicking them. I think this DVD was well made and is exceptional. I enjoy the classical music in these movies, too, which include: Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.
You can buy your Baby's first moves here: http://www.babyeinstein.com/
**Celebrates babies' discoveries of movement**
**Encourages use of developing motor skills**
DVD Features: *Repeat play *Language tracks (Spanish, French and English) *Discovery cards *Let's pretend * Puppet shows *Move with me *Toy chest * About Little Einsteins (Available in French and English only)
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Milk Mama said...

I would love to have a Baby Einstein's movie. Anna loves the commercials. She sits really still and points and laughs at it. LOL. Cute!