Monday, January 14, 2008

Poor Baby~

I had a horrible night. Madelyn was sick with more throwing up. Terry, Nathaniel and I just finished up playing some MarioKart, and Madelyn puked all over me. It amazes me how much can come out of such a little body! It was very sad. So, I hopped in the shower, and we headed to bed. Maddie woke up at about 2:45 AM. I brought her in bed to nurse, and I woke up to her puking on me (again). It was awful! After Terry changed the sheets, Madelyn and I took a shower. She was so out of it. Terry and I were getting pretty concerned about her because she was just kind of limpy and we did not want her to dehydrate. So, Terry tried water in a bottle, and he had to squirt it in her mouth. About 15 minutes later, I tried to nurse, and she wasn't interested...but she puked all over me again! Yuck, yuck. Ok, back in the shower for me, and Terry gave Maddie a bath.

After all this, Terry gave Maddie some pedialite in a bottle. She did manage to get down 2 1/2-3 oz. By this time it was 3:30, and Terry had to get up in an hour to go to work. He decided to just sit in the recliner with her so she would be upright. An hour later (after he didn't get any sleep) he put her back in bed with me. I feel so bad that his sleep was interrupted like that.

She wanted to nurse, and I was a bit apprehensive to do so...but, I did. I sat up, though...and prepared for the next explosion. She kept it down though, and for that I was so happy. I gave her a small amount of oatmeal cereal for breakfast and Caleb had toast and apples. Both kids kept their food down. At 9:30 AM Caleb was asking for Mac-n-cheese, so that's what he ate (2 bowls!!) I think Caleb is good, but I am still going to be a bit cautious with food choices. Madelyn is a little fussy, but she is better, too. I am so happy that they are on the mend. However, Caleb had a nasty (BM) diaper, and after I cleaned him up, I noticed lots of red dots all over. I am not sure what that is, but I am sure it is itchy.

Thanks for the prayers...we ALL appreciated it!

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Andrea said...

oh no!! I know exactly what you are dealing little boy has the flu as well - although he is past the barfing stage - but now he has had a fever for the past 2 days and just wants to sleep, or sit on your's so hard when your kids are sick!!! I just wanted to also drop by and say thanks for entering my contest too!