Monday, March 24, 2008

Uniquely U boutique: Letter Bow Keepers: A review

I love having girly things for Madelyn. Every little girl should have a specific spot for her little hair clippies, too! I am all about trying to have a specific spot for things, and not have things just laying around to be lost. The Letter Bow Keepers from Uniquely U boutique help keep things organized, and it is done in such a great way! I love that the letters (all Uppercase) are brightly painted with fun designs! The letters are wooden measuring approximately 8" in height and they are about 1/4" thick. The Ribbon that flows below the letter is about 1-1 1/2" thick, so it will hold many different size bows and clippies on it. I just have the little clips on it right now, because Madelyn is a small girl...and she really doesn't have a whole lot of hair yet.
Uniquely you has letters made by a theme, but you can customize letters the way you want them, as well.
The bow keepers are $20.00, and I think it is a great addition to my little girl's wall. AND~it keeps her bows all in one place~ out of reach! :)
You can go to her website: and see all the different letter bow keepers she has! You can also sign up to win some free hair bows! I really hope to win the hair bow trio to add to my letter bow keeper. Madelyn will be wearing a lot of bows in her hair.
Thanks Uniquely U boutique for helping with keeping my daughter's room a bit more organized!
Uniquely U: "unconventional. unexpected. unforgettable."

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Milk Mama said...

You're right, every girl deserves bows and hair doo dads! I signed up for that contest. I love bows! :D

Oh I love Target. I'm a Targetaholic. If I had more money, I'd visit daily... I might even move in! The Princess Tee... that's for me... it might fit more like a bra, but I'm sure I'd look cute... just kidding. Nah, if they have one it would be for Anna. ;)