Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kiddopotamus: A review

I love products for my little peanut that make life so much easier! I love my Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner! Our family loves to go out to eat, and the tables aren't the cleanest for little ones to eat off of at times. I love having my Tiny Diner handy. All I do is place it on the table in front of Madelyn, and use the suction cups underneath it to secure it to the table.

Then, she has a "safe" place to eat. The place mat has a great built in scoop to catch the food before it lands in her lap. I love this feature! Anything to help save her clothes. I love the "Hey Diddle, Diddle" design on the mat. She loves the kitty on it, of coarse. I really like how this mat is easy to clean with a wipe, and how it rolls up and fits in the diaper bag. The Tiny Diner is made in the USA with safe FDA-compliant materials. There is no lead, PVC, BPA, phthalates or latex in the materials! The Tiny Diner is durable, washable, and stays flexible! The Tiny Diner comes in 4 great styles: Hey Diddle Diddle in green, Hey Diddle Diddle in Pink, Hippo in Yellow, and Hey Diddle Diddle Tiny Diner in Blue! Tiny Diner sells in a few different locations and the price is $10.99. Please see the Kiddopotamus site for retail and online locations to purchase.

I really like the Kiddopotamus Poppit that we have! It is made with luxe faux suede that is extremely soft and stylish, water resistant, wind proof and machine washable! I love how this material feels against my skin, and Madelyn's skin! She loves the feeling of it around her.
The Poppit Luxe Carrier Cover keeps baby cozy on any outing: front carrier, stroller, nursing cover and for her car seat! I really like that when I put Madelyn in her front carrier, that I can put the poppit around her, and I have a spot to put my hands, too! The poppit is made with little pockets! What a great idea! I think it is great to use this with her car seat, too. I really don't like putting on snow suits in the early spring when we are going on car rides. With the Poppit, I can put it around her when we head outside, and once the car is warmed up, I can easily remove it so she doesn't get so hot. The tabs on the Poppit fit nice on the car seat, and they are easy to remove. The Poppits come in 3 great colors: Black/Ivory, Blue/Ivory, and Pink/Ivory. I think Madelyn likes to just snuggle the Poppit, too, because it is just that soft! You can look at the Kidddopotamus website for different online and retail stores to purchase your own Poppit for $27.99.

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