Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Millionaire Kid$ Club™: A Review

I was very excited to review this new series called Millionaire Kid$ Club™ from Money Savvy Generation. These are great products that help teach the value of money and how it should be spent or used. I really like the 2 books: volume 1: Garage Sale Riches, and volume 2: Putting the "Do" in Donate. These books have children in them and they are learning the value of how to spend and donate money.
I really like how it is teaching the important lesson of personal finances. Co-written by financial literacy expert Susan Beacham and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette Khalfani Cox these books are recommended for children ages 5 – 12. The suggested retail cost for each book is $12.95. For more information or to purchase the books, visit http://www.msgen.com/.

She just launched her new blog and you can visit her if you would like to know about what she has to say. Here's the link:http://www.susanbeacham.com/blog/

Susan Beacham is also the founder and creator of the beloved Money Savvy Pig®, a four-chambered bank which teaches children the power of delayed gratification through money choices and goal-setting.
She is also a financial expert, speaker and award-winning, nationally syndicated columnist. Her company, Money Savvy Generation, develops innovative products and services to help parents and educators teach kids the skills of basic personal finance.
Nathaniel loves this bank because he can instantly decide how he would like to separate his earnings and winnings (from tooth lady deposits to birthdays) and later he can use the money for what the bank displays. I think adults should have a system like this that is readily available. :) Lynnette Khalfani Cox is a personal finance expert, speaker and New York Times bestselling author. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post and numerous magazines. To learn more about Cox and her free money-management newsletter, visit her web site at www.themoneycoach.net.

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