Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend happenings and a few thoughts

Madelyn has been sick this weekend. Her moods have been pretty good, considering, but she is a little sick kiddo. Her breathing and coughing got really bad late last night. Her coughing really scared me. She did end up throwing up from it. Terry is an EMT so he has a stethoscope, and he listened to her lungs. He said they don't sound like there is liquid in there, but that it is more in her upper chest/throat area. I think we will just keep an eye on her today to see how things go.

My mom just got out of the hospital (Saturday). She had surgery and it will take awhile to recover. Terry, Maddie and I went over there last night to visit. I brought them a meal, and Terry was going to help Dad with burning brush. (Terry is also a firefighter) I didn't know that 2 of my brothers were going to come, 2 of my nieces, one of my nephews, and my brother's girlfriend. I only made one pan of Tator Tot hotdish, so I was a bit concerned about it feeding everyone. It did feed enough, so all is well. I think the guys had fun burning the brush. The wind was a bit strong, though, so it was a bit risky. It was great to see my family.

Today, I think Terry and I will stay home with Maddie. Her cough is terrible, and I really don't want to bring her to church to spread the love around. Tonight, we will pick up Nathaniel. He was visiting his dad for the weekend. He doesn't know we got the Wii, yet, so he will be really excited about that! I didn't want to tell him on Friday (when it came) because he wouldn't have been able to play it.

I really miss the boys, and I will be happy when they get home. Terry will be picking up Caleb tomorrow night. He is with Grandma right now. I bet he is having a great time.

I really didn't get much done on my Thursday's Thirteen, but I will still make progress on that list. I need to get it all done this week. I will be starting a job next week. I get to "nanny" a little girl who is 5 days older than Madelyn. I will drive to their home daily. The hours will be 5-6 hours a day. I think it will be a good thing. I will make extra income, and still be an at home mom (just not my home). I love children, so it will be fun to play with the kids. I am looking forward to this opportunity.

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