Sunday, January 13, 2008

We have been hit with another virus....

Yesterday, we decided to get a desk. We had to go about 45 minutes away to get it. We were going to go out for supper after we got the desk. I don't know what prompted me to bring an extra outfit for Caleb (I rarely do that anymore), but I am so thankful I had it with. It must have been the Holy Spirit who prodded me. ANYWAY...we were driving down the road, when I heard a terrible sound....Yep, Caleb had started throwing up. OH, IT WAS NASTY! I couldn't just pull over there, so we drove just a little bit more and headed up the ramp. There was an Applebee's there, so that is the parking lot we went to. We had the truck, and all 3 kids in the back, so it was a bit tight back there. Caleb was in the middle (fortunately). Terry took Maddie out and handed her to me, then Nathaniel, Maddie and I went in to get paper towels. Terry stripped Caleb's clothes off and put the car seat and clothes in the back of the truck. He had a towel (thankfully) in the truck and he started the clean up process. A few trips from the bathroom with dry and wet paper towels, it was managed to get cleaned up...mostly. Then, we got Caleb re-dressed, and had to buckle him in the seat belt. I know that is against the law, but what were we suppose to do? We couldn't put him back in the puke!
We were only about 10 minutes from getting the desk, so we headed over there. Terry loaded up the desk while I sat in the (puke smelling) truck with the kids. Caleb had the dry heaves and still had more to get out of his little body. I just kept that towel in his lap. It was so nasty. I was happy that I wasn't pregnant, because I have a weak stomach anyway...but pregnancy magnifies it.
When we got home, Caleb got a bath, and some snuggle time. We gave him a Mr. Freezy...and that didn't last real long. Then, he just had some water. After awhile, we got him down to sleep for the night. He was very tired. We only had to change the bedding once that night. I am glad it was mainly water. He had about 4 glasses of water during the night after that.
This morning, I was nursing Maddie in bed. I was startled when I heard the terrible sound come from her, too. Yep, she has the virus now, too. Oh Joy! So, her and I got cleaned up and changed our clothes. We changed the bedding, and laid down a towel in our bed (for precaution). I did get another hour and half of sleep, then she puked again. Poor little girl. I have never seen a baby puke like was NOT baby spit up.
NOW, the kids are dealing with it on the other end. This is so not fun. I gave them both toast for breakfast. Caleb had apples, and Terry gave Maddie mixed cereal and applesauce. I really didn't think she should have the cereal, but Terry thought she would be ok. Well, she ate all her food, and Caleb just nibbled at his. I wasn't going to make either of them eat much...just what they wanted.
I went to change Maddie (because of the horrible smell). I laid her down on the changing table, when she threw up again. Poor baby!! Ok, now to the tub she goes. I gave both kids baths this morning. I hope the day goes better. I don't like when they are sick. I feel so bad for them. I think we are just going to stick with toast and broth today. I am sure I will have to pick up bananas, too. Oh, yeah...Terry is thinking he may be coming down with this two. Well, if he does...that just leaves me and Nathaniel to run through it.


Stephanie said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about this! My Little Beauty got a stomach bug like that once when she was just itty bitty and it was horrible to watch her little body convulse and her little confused face. So miserable! I wished I could take her place with everything in me!

Sending lots of prayers and "get well" wishes your way...

Daisy said...

I'm so sorry for y'all!!! Poor sweeties. In the car is the worst!! (from experience) We'll be praying the runs don't last long. Caleb's sayings are so cute!!

The Token Old Lady said...

Sorry to hear your little ones are sick again! Molly stayed home from church this morning too. She says she threw up while we were gone, and has pretty much stayed in bed all day.

Hopefully, Christian won't get it...or worse yet, Grandpa Ray!
Sending more prayers your way