Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Panda for the "Plump" Happy baby!

Happy Panda makes such cute onesies and T-Shirts! I got a Lap T shirt for Caleb, and a Snappie for Madelyn with the very cute "Irish" Panda on them! The kids love their shirts! Madelyn giggles at the Panda bear and Caleb thinks the bear is great!

The Happy Panda baby boutique specializes in high quality baby clothes made to fit the bigger baby. Although our size chart was developed for the baby plus size community, it can provide the right fit for any baby boy or girl.
As you can see in the pictures of two of my adorable children, they are not very "big or tall" but the stylish shirts sure fit them great! Caleb is almost 2 and he is modeling the 2T size. Miss Madelyn just turned one, and she is modeling the 3-6 month size.
I love that the Happy Panda's shirts are tagless! I just love that feature! Kids are not happy when that tag is scratching their little backs. I always have to cut the tag out. When I do that, I never can remember the size of the shirt anymore. So, I am thankful that the Happy Panda thought of this when making their great baby shirts. Happy Panda also carries other clothing products. Thank you Happy Panda for giving our kids the gift in Happy Panda! Their products even come in pretty Panda paper, a fancy gift box, and tied up with a bow!
Here is a great deal for my favorite readers: get free shipping on your Happy Panda purchases using the code "Sassy" until March 31st!! So hurry over there and get your shopping done! :)


Unknown said...

We are so glad that you are please with your tagless baby clothes! I bet you were surprised that the snappy fit weren't you? We always try to spread the word that if you don't have a "Happy Panda" just shop by weight using our size chart and you can still get the same great designs.

Milk Mama said...

Those tees are so cute! It's smart to have a line of clothes made for chubby babies... I just stuck to elastic waist bands and went up a size or two on Anna lol. :D

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

cute!! my kids are both on the bigger side too so i love that there's a clothing line just for them.
thx for visiting my blog. :)