Monday, March 17, 2008

Thanks for the wonderful gifts!

I won a SET of Beverly Lewis books from Pragmatic Communion as apart of the Bloggy giveaways! This is the series ANNIE'S People and included
(gently read) paperback copies of :The Preacher's Daughter, The Englisher and The Brethren. Thank you, Julie, for giving me these books! I got them March 8th, and I am excited to read them! My friend, Lisa, raves about Beverly Lewis!
I won MomSpit from Petitelephant! I haven't got it yet, but I am anxiously waiting to try this out. I have read people's blogs that think it is amazing, so I am hyped up to try it out on my kids! I won three 2 oz. bottles of Momspit in 3 flavors: one fig & green tea, one lemon & white tea, and one bottle of unscented. Thanks for picking me, Allison! It is a great prize!I just found out that I won a pair of Camel color slippers with pink jacks print from BePe Baby! These will be adorable on Maddie! I ordered them a little bigger so she can wear them this fall or next spring! Super cute, and I am looking forward to it! Thank you Christina for picking me! I think it was a great contest, and very generous!

Adventures in Mommyland sent me these Fisher Price musical teething keys! I love that the sounds are quiet, and not loud! Fisher Price makes great toys. Thank you, Mary, for picking me as your winner, and your contest! Madelyn loves them!


Anonymous said...

Sarah, (that's my daughter's name too)

I'm so glad you like the books! Thanks for the link! I'm giving away another book! So, come on over and see if you want to enter to win it. I've actually decided to try and give away a book a week!

Milk Mama said...

Wow, Sarah! What a blessing! Those booties are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

I think you will love the Beverly Lewis books, they are fabulous stories.
I am curious about the MomSpit.
Love those booties oh I wish I had a baby still some times.
Or a niece, just nephews now.

Mary512 said...

Your welcome! Thanks so much for supporting my giveaways! I'm about to post another so come on back and enter. Have a wonderful week!

Kindest Regards, Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland