Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Madelyn is so sick!

I just got back from the ER a couple hours ago (again...in 3 days). This afternoon Madelyn started coughing so bad she was struggling to breath. I was so scared for her. I called Terry and he said we should bring her right to the hospital, because he could hear her on the phone. So, I got ready, called Nathaniel's school to pick him up early, and headed out the door.
Madelyn's Oxygen levels were good, which actually surprised me. The doctor said her lungs sounded a bit like bronchitis. She was having more rattling as she breathed out. He looked in her ears, and sure enough, both ears are infected. He said her right ear looks like it actually could burst. He told me to not be alarmed if I see it draining, and possibly some blood. (Ya right, don't be alarmed...um, ok). He said if that happens, I should definitely have her seen 2-3 weeks after that to make sure it is healing up. Then, we went to get more X-rays. She had X-rays on Saturday night, too, but those were clear. Of coarse Madelyn did not like that, but when kids cry during X-rays, they can get better pictures. It is so sad to see their little bodies in that contraption. All of my kids have gone through the X-rays.
The X-rays revealed that Madelyn has some fluid in her lungs. She has perihilar infiltrate, which is basically pneumonia in the early stage. I am so sad for my little girl. Her cough terrifies me. I asked a few of the elders of the church to come anoint Madelyn's head and pray over her. I want our whole family and house prayed over. I just pray she doesn't worsen. The Doctor prescribed Albuterol for the P.I. and Amoxicillin for her double ear infection. He mentioned that she could get worse. We need to nebulize her every 3-4 hours, and make sure she is eating and drinking. That is vital. She is so little, and I just pray that God will give her strength and that he will double up her supply of white blood cells to destroy these viruses that are attacking her!
I will try to update this as I can. If you think of it, please pray for my little baby. We covet your prayers.
On the upside, I think Caleb is on the mend. His tongue is healing and his lip isn't so fat now. He is eating a bit better, but he still has a low grade temp., some chills now and then, and his nose is constantly running. I really hope, and pray, he is out of the woods and walking toward a good, and healthy rest of the year!


jpandtheboys said...

OMG Sarah, I cried when I read your post. (((hugs))) I wish I could do something to help, meaning come and bring you dinner or help with the kids. I prayed and will continue to pray. love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I am definitely praying for you and your little girl.

When she gets better (and she will! but you have a lot on your plate right now), you might want to ask your dr. about ear tubes. They have been a huge blessing to us: NO ear infections since the tubes (versus near-constant ones before, that usually started with a cough).

Unknown said...

Sarah dearest I have lifted you all up in my prayers, especially little Maddie.
I know how hard it is when our little ones are so sick, how helpless we feel but remember through faith we go on. Just remember to take care of you during this all.
Big Mama Bear hugs for all

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. I just took my 9 month boy to the Dr. with a nasty cough (can't believe it comes out of such a little body!) and the Dr. tested him for RSV and came back negative. No infections either. He was put on Albuteral for the cough and his cough has gotten better with the breathing treatments. Too many people sick this winter! Can't wait til Spring!

Canoearoo said...

OH NO SARAH! You can count on us to pray for your family!

Workship said...

Been thinking of y'all off and on all day. Hope Maddie and Caleb are feeling better very soon. Hang in there! Praying for you.

Milk Mama said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear about Maddie! That breaks my heart to know that her little body has to fight off all of those viruses! It just seems so unfair when she's trying to grow! :( My prayers are with Madelyn. I'm glad that Caleb is healing quickly! Do keep us updated as you can. I know you are busy trying to take care of her and watch over her.

Father, I pray your hand of protection on Madelyn. I pray that her body is made stronger and her antibodies are made numerous. Pray that the medications given by the doctors will help her to fight off the viruses in a very short period of time. I pray for her healing and I pray that her health is watched over and protected.