Monday, March 17, 2008

Still sick

Caleb and Madelyn are still sick with their colds/flu. Caleb is feeling a bit better today, but his cough is persistent. He coughed all night long. Both kids are running low grade temps. Madelyn doesn't have an appetite to speak of, and she doesn't nurse really. I really hope and pray that they have a speedy and uphill recovery from here.

Just had an incident about 30 minutes ago. Caleb was playing with our rocking horse and the walker when he fell. He bit his tongue (really deep) about 1/2 long and bit into his lip. I haven't seen so much blood! He hit so hard! I quickly got him up to the sink, and put an icy cold wash cloth into his mouth, rinse, then put it in his mouth again. He was so sad and his tears just kept coming. I was shaking so bad, I barely could keep the wash cloth in his mouth. I tried to get him to eat a Mr. Freeze, but he didn't want it. After awhile, he wouldn't let me put the wash cloth in his mouth either. POOR LITTLE GUY~

Last week, Madelyn was crawling on the arm of the chair when she fell head first onto the heat vent! Clunk! That was a horrible sound! It just made me shudder! I just held her and kissed her. Then, I offered to nurse her. Sometimes that nursing is just like a band aid to them. She drifted off to sleep with a cut on the head, and 4-5 lines, that matched the heat vent, plastered on her forehead. She is finally showing little signs of that fall. She has slight coloring around the little cut on her forehead, but no lines remain.

What is it about the kids always getting hurt with cuts, bumps and bruises? It is really awful when it happens when they are sick. I think being a kid really helps prepare us for being an adult. We go through cuts, bumps and bruises...just on a different level.


Anonymous said...

So sorry everyone is sick and that you are confined to "house arrest" - and they're getting boo-boos on top of it! Praying you will all soon be well.

Anonymous said...

Awww Sounds like you are sure having a few rough days there. I wish I could help you. I pray they all start to feel better SOON!

Unknown said...

Knowing mama is there when the bumps and bruises happen makes a huge difference I think.
I remember the knots I usd to get when mine were little and constantly sporting a bruise or scrape it seemed. And then they grow...
Funny thing Nikolaus (15) did ask me to kiss his elbow Sunday when we picked them up. He had fallen on the ice Saturday and he said he sure missed having mom there to make him feel better...which u know made me feel good.