Monday, March 31, 2008

My Ubby: A Review

Madelyn loves soft blankets, towels, animals (stuffed or real) and anything she can snuggle on. I love the My Ubby blanket that she has. I really think it is her favorite blanket, and I love that it keeps her warm! It is so incredibly soft! We just got it a few weeks ago, and she has snuggled with it every night! It was a blanket that I built on their site. You can pick one sided or two sided for the blanket. There are seven different fabric choices. I picked fluffy for both sides, but now I am wishing I would have picked one side fluffy and one side shaggy or swirly, just to see what the difference is. Based on the choices you make, you can pick certain colors of fabrics. You can pick what kind of edging you prefer and the stitch style for the outer edge. Then, you can have a monogram or an inscription added to the blanket (up to 3 lines). All blankets, whether one or two sided, measure approximately 35"x45". You will also receive it with a custom made tie, and in a bag that states this: "Notice! Please open slowly as your custom blanket inside can cause instant joy. Probable side effects can include ear to ear smiles, lots of giggles and uncontrollable cuddling. We thank you for your order and hope your ubby gets great smilage for years to come!" I would confidently say that is pretty much a guarantee!
The My Ubby was founded by a husband and wife. The Mom made her first born son, Joe, a one-of-a-kind baby blanket, using an old hand-me-down sewing machine. He named his blanket "ubby." Then, they had a little girl, Molly, and made a new "ubby."
"my" (adj) = Belonging to an individual
"ubby" (made up noun) a blanket-friend that will always be by your side. Soft and warm, ubbies can also be used as a tissue, super hero cape, or sun shade. An ubby will never run away but sometimes hides. An ubby never gets mad or complains. A true companion for life.
Thank you "My Ubby" for the beautiful, soft, and wonderful "lovie" blanket for Madelyn! She will adore it all the days of her childhood...and maybe forever!

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