Monday, March 3, 2008

What is for supper??

Tonight I made chicken legs with a special seasoning. They were really good, mind you, but Terry and I knew Caleb wouldn't eat them. Ever since he started eating table foods, he has denied the chicken family (unless it was nugget style). Well, for some reason, tonight he wanted chicken. So, Daddy gave him a taste. After the taste, he wanted the whole leg. He was thoroughly enjoying his leg of meat, when Terry asked him what it is he is eating. Caleb told him it was chicken. Then, Terry said, "Do you know what part of the chicken it is?" Caleb said, "The Butt!"

PS~ We made sure he knew it wasn't the butt, but the leg. We thought it was quite funny, though.


Unknown said...

How like a kid to say, "You're eating the butt!" My kids have done the same thing. It's like they're proud or bragging or something. Weird.

Milk Mama said...

Oh that's hilarious! What a cutie!

I didn't know where to comment back, but here is ok. I cosleep with Anna 80% of the night and have coslept 100% up until we got the toddler bed. She's 15 months now and still wakes to nurse about 2-3 times a night. I'm sure it would be ok, but she's 25 pounds now and it drains me. I'd like to nurse her during the day instead of at night... I'm hoping that the toddler bed helps things a bit... so far she'll sleep for a while then want back in the family bed. :) I bet she'll grow accustomed to it eventually.

Anonymous said...

LOL Kids do say the darnest things.