Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mongo's grill

Saturday night my siblings and I, (minus my sister that lives in Chicago) went out to eat at Mongo's to celebrate my parent's 50th Anniversary. We are planning on having a party for them this summer including their siblings and their wedding party, but we wanted to have a night out with them to celebrate. My brother, Kevin, called our house on Saturday morning. <<<<Here is a little history: Our family is classic for last minute planning. I called him back in December or January trying to make plans for my parent's Anniversary, but I didn't get a return call until beginning of March. My parent's Anniversary is in March...Oh well. I am going to get on the ball for getting this party planned for this summer.>>>>>
So, at 5:15 we dropped off the kid's with my niece (12 yrs. almost 13) and nephew (15 yrs.) for them to watch them. Bless them for watching 8 other niece who is almost 18 did come for awhile to help, too. It was a fun outing, and my parents were so happy to have us all together. My sister, Annikki, was even there. It is a long story, but I am really surprised she came. There is some family turmoil (basically she wants nothing to do with my brother David and his wife)...and she has been isolating herself from the family. I was glad to see her there. I haven't seen her since the 4th of July.
Mongo's is a fun and entertaining restaurant. You grab a bowl, fill it up with veggies, raw meats, raw sea food, cheeses, sauces, oils, seasonings, and noodles. Then, the grill people toss it on a big grill and saute' your food while you watch. You can have your stir fry in a wrap, eat it by itself, or have them saute rice in it. You can also chose your rice to have on the side. It was so tasty! I loved it! I really, stir fry anyway, so it was a welcoming treat. This night it was an all-you-can-eat meal for one price, so if you didn't really like what you put together, you could try something new. I highly recommend this restaurant if you have one near you....GO! You won't be disappointed. It was a fun night out. I love getting together with my brothers and sisters. I wish my sister in Chicago could have been there.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time!! My Sister-In-Law and I are already starting to think of what to do for my In-law's as their 50th is in a couple years.

jpandtheboys said...

Sarah that sounds like so much fun. Mongo's sounds just like Khan's Mongolian BBQ in the cities and I love that place. :) I am sorry to hear about Anniki. I had no idea that there was turmoil in your family. I will be praying for them and for healing. love you