Monday, March 17, 2008


I am really loving my Signing Time videos from Tiny Hands productions! Caleb knows so many of the signs and he is eager to learn more and more. He even signs without thinking about it. Madelyn is starting to sign to. She always does the sign for "sign" when I sing the song, "It's signing time with Alex and Leah!" She gets so excited and starts to dance. Madelyn knows the sign for more, milk, sign(ing) and dog. I think she probably knows more, but I miss sometimes. I was watching her while she was watching the DVD and she was trying to do the sign for Apple. She just turned a year old! I am really hoping that Caleb feels better this week so I can get him into auditions for the Signing Time! I think it would be super awesome if he was chosen to be in their DVD! He has been a sponge with learning ASL and remembering. We have had the Signing Time gift set 1-3 for only about 2 months. I know he could do well with, to not be afraid of the camera, or to be shy...

I have to share this amazing story with you that aired on the Today Show last week. Signing Time family Katy & Michael Barrett, shared their experience with their daughter, Elizabeth, learning to read starting at just 13-months old due in large part to Signing Time! Check out this clip:
I think it is truly amazing! I can see she has a definite gift, but I believe watching and being exposed to Signing Time really played apart in her knowledge! You can read the full article on Elizabeth here:!

I hope you enjoy Elizabeth's story! Trust me, you WILL be amazed!

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Anonymous said...

I actually read about that on Rachel's website! I couldn't believe how good that girl was reading! She reads circles around Kevin.