Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Your Veggies! Fun Website for kids!

I try my best to introduce my children to several different vegetables, right when they start eating solids. It isn't always a success to have them like vegetables. My oldest really likes most vegetables, my second oldest only likes a couple, and I think my third one is a happy medium between the two older boys. I was introduced to the Hidden Valley's new online game site called Veggie Adventures to promote some of the challenges faced when encouraging veggie eating with our children. The Veggie Adventures is a free online game that kids can play along and learn to appreciate vegetables.
Veggie Adventures has three games that kids can enjoy! The first game begins with growing vegetables on the farm and ends with serving and sharing vegetables with friends. So, your child can play the game starting in the fields/farm, taking them down the road, and bringing them to the table. I found the games to be easy to play, and fun to do. Veggie Adventures provides players with great tips and vegetable facts that kids can get knowledge from. The end of the game has a fun reward for the player~a printable certificate to commemorate their success. This site is great for kids ages 4 and up. That is just my recommendation. Maybe Caleb will start eating more vegetables now that we have said how we get them? Veggie Adventures help promote fun conversations, too!

Thanks Mom Central for this review opportunity!

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tlcfromtn said...

Very cute games on that site! The kids will like that.