Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Caleb was snuggled in my bed this morning when I woke up with Cole (at 5:30 AM). It isn't uncommon to find a child sleeping in "Terry's spot," when I wake up. Most nights, lately, Madelyn is sleeping in between us. She has had a rough time with her teeth coming in. I think she is getting all the rest of her teeth. It is nice for them all to come at once, but not so nice to her moods. Madelyn is a very touchy-feely gal, so co-sleeping is really right up her alley. Plus, if she is happy, and sleeps better, I am not going to kick her out of our bed. It is getting a bit cramped up though, because Cole tends to stay in our bed quite often, too. It is just warmer, and easier, if he just stays near me. I am too tired to keep putting him in the bassinet next to our bed. Anyway...little tangent there, sorry.

Back to Caleb...
He was laying in "Terry's spot," shortly after Terry left for work. He was playing with his new belt from Chesapeake Ribbons, and making a lot of noise. He loves his new belt, and I am glad he likes it, but I wasn't happy that it was a toy keeping him (and me) awake. I am not a morning person, and I like to sleep in~ well, at least until 6:30/7:00. After I took his belt away, and tried to get him, Cole and myself back to sleep. Well, it wasn't happening. Not only was Cole fussing~ he wanted to be up and talked to~ Caleb started complaining about his tummy hurting. I told him he was probably hungry. Nope, not so much. He started moving around on the bed, and kept complaining, then he coughed...gagged, and it was all I could do to get him off the bed. I was nursing Cole (laying down) at the time. I jumped out of bed fast, and guided Caleb quickly to the bathroom. He managed to get some on our floor (YUCK), and I held his head over the toilet. Poor guy! I have a weak stomach, so I had to really not think about it. This was a great way to start the day. He had 3 more episodes throughout the day, and a fever this evening. He took 2 naps (thankfully). We didn't give him any fever reducer this evening, because we would like to see if it can break on it's own, and fight the virus.
I am not going to stay up anymore, just in case we have a rough night, or morning. Really, I probably stayed up too late as it is.
I hope tomorrow is a better day, and that Caleb is well. I sure hope no one else gets it in our household!


I'm Losing It! said...

Poor Caleb! I'll pray for him and that the rest of you don't catch the bug he's got. Not fun!

Qtpies7 said...

OH, so not fun! I hope he is feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is healthy over there! :) Get some rest mama!

Alicia said...

You are one busy mama!! I hope you all stay well!

How are your feeling and healing?? Is your leg doing better?