Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I see I have a few contests that have slipped by without picking and announcing a winner, plus I have a few other contests that just ended. So, I won't leave you in suspense anymore, and I will let you know who the winners are for those, as well.

Books perfect for the "LOVE SEASON" (3 giveaways) : Love as a Way of Life Devotional~Miss Heidi, For Couples Only set~Megret and I Do Again~Bebemiqui
Rain-X Car Care Kit Giveaway : one6ylady
You Can Make This $50 Giveaway! : Wanda
See Kai Run Shoe Giveaway! : rlbeano
"A Little Help From My Friends" DVD Giveaway! : Mtlgrl4evr
Fisher-Price celebrates 50 Years! (giveaway) : Heather M
Hit Entertainment's new releases (plus 6 giveaways...
Shaun the Sheep DVD winners:
Ellen C. , john ferris, Dave
Thomas: Railway Friends DVD winners:
Abby , yyeres , cjamrozy

Congratulations winners! Don't forget these contests to enter:
Gaming Fun from EA ~ and a giveaway! (ends 3/11)
Nature's Inventory: review & giveaway (ends 3/19)
“Triple Threat” reader giveaway (3 winners)! (ends 3/19)

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Gretchen said...

Congrats to all your winners!! :)