Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sane Fitness: exercise on the go!

Being a parent, and always on the go, I am happy to have the new Sane Fitness travel companion! Sane Fitness is a quick start guide to promote full body workouts to be completed in just 6 weeks. What is really nice about the Sane Fitness is you can workout anywhere, even away from home! You could bring the cards to work, even. The cards fit into your purse or bag, and they are packed with helpful guides to get you into shape and healthier way of living.
The Sane Fitness is a deck of 36 cards, put together with a ring, hung with a lanyard string to fit around your neck. The workouts are full-body weight-lifting exercises, with stretches, that vary in intensity with each workout. Three of the cards explain th "A B C's" of the Sane Fitness plan, which is three workouts. Each card has instructions and a demonstration picture. The workouts are 20-minutes of cardio exercise, 6 full-body weightlifting exercises, 2 abdominal exercises and 3 stretches. Recommended weights are for you to choose, so you have to be able to complete them, but you also want to sweat with the workout. The plan is set up for you to use the cards 3 times a week. I like that the Sane Fitness also has a nutrition guide to help you in your quest to get fit!
Sane Fitness was created and founded by a busy working mom, Beverley Caen, and her trainer John Cruz. I think this program will be great to implement in my journey to weight loss and healthier living. Thank you Beverley for letting me try out your program, and thanks to Family Review Network for being introduced to the opportunity to review it!
You can purchase a Sanefitness Home Gym for under $100 to go with the Sane Fitness cards! Included in the set is an exercise mat, exercise ball and 2 sets of dumbbells (1 lighter, 1 heavier set). That is a great set to just get you started. Sane Fitness also has a program for pregnant women called the Sane Preggers FitKit.

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