Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dress up day!

Today we had a dress up day! I am trying to compile a box of "pretend play" clothes, accessories, shoes...you name it. I loved playing dress up when I was little, and I want to haveit available for my kids! It really sparks their imagination! I love watching my kids play and have so much fun! They spent so much time getting into different costumes, and playing the part. I have a feeling we will be doing this tomorrow, too! Do you have costumes for your kids to play in? What do you use?

Madelyn loved being a blue M & M! I told her I wanted to eat her! :)
Madelyn was being a bear here, and she growled at me.
Such a little doll!
Of coarse Madelyn LOVES to be a princess! She danced around the living room in this costume.
Caleb was Tigger, Madelyn was a princess (with angel wings on her back) and Cole didn't have his costume on. This is such a cute photo of my 3 little ones. Nathaniel was at school. I know I have a fire fighter costume that was Caleb's for his first Halloween. I may just have to get that out and try it on him...but it will probably be a bit big.
I held the camera away from me to get this picture as Madelyn was trying to get me. I think I captured a great facial smirk!

Isn't he the cutest Tigger you have ever seen?


I'm Losing It! said...

What fun! Molly has a yellow M & M around here someplace. If I come across it some day, you can have it for your collection. That's a very good idea for inside play on a rainy day.

jpandtheboys said...

What a fun day! Melissa has a ton of costumes and dress up clothes for her kids. I think this is great and like you said sparks their imaginations. I am going to have to start looking for dress up clothes for Brodes this summer at garage sales. :) How fun.

tlcfromtn said...

Kids love to dress up, don't they? Your kids are adorable by the way!

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

Dress up for kids is so fun!! In my classroom, we have a "home corner" where I will put dress up things out...you are right it does spark their imaginations. I just love watching them pretend! Looks like Cole is so content!!

TopazTook said...

We have a dressup suitcase. It has old Halloween costumes (like yours, I'm guessing), bead necklaces from parades, foam hats from kid events where they're distributed, tutus from the dollar spot at Target, clothes that Mommy is never going to wear anymore :) and long fabric scraps that can be used as scarves.

Anonymous said...

your kids are adorable! looks like they had fun!
L. B.
rlbeano at yahoo.com

MaggieM said...

Having all girl granddaughters, you can imagine how many tutus, princess and fairy costumes we have, as well as the kitty cat costumes...my granddaughters love to dress up. I gave them a bunch of old (but safe) jewelry items, beaded bracelets, wands, etc. to add to their dress up stash :)


Milk Mama said...

Oh they're all so adorable! Love the dressup outfits! :D Tigger! hehehe

esther said...

haha! How cute! I love the bear and Tigger costumes! Your kids are adorable!