Monday, March 9, 2009

eenamaria's stylish bags

When my adorable Workin' Weekend Baby Tote from eenamaria came in the mail, I seriously had to try and sweet talk my 2 year old to giving it to me. She thinks the tote is hers, and has claimed it to be so. The Baby Tote is super cute and chic! The outside of the bag is shiny, and I think that is what my daughter loves so much. However, she is totally into zipping and unzipping zippers right now, and the eenamaria's zipper glides open and shut easily! The zipper has a pretty silver tab with the eenamaria logo on it to make it easy to open the zipper. The outside of the bag is made with a washable vinyl. The colors are vibrant! There are 3 storage areas in the Workin' Weekend Baby Tote: two on the outside, and a big one in the center. I love how this Tote does not look like the typical diaper bag, and actually I may just use it for my day trips. I think this bag would be perfect to tote around a laptop. I wouldn't put any small items in the center of the bag, because the zipper has two open areas on either side of it. So, if you are like me and bend down while carrying a bag (picking up your baby), you may have items fall out of your bag. However, if you just carry larger items in the center of the bag, you will have no problems!
Sarah Morgan is the creator and designer of eenamaria handbags, offering a fresh, edgy new collection that really makes a statement. Eenamaria offers every type of bag from small weekend clutches to large, functional travel totes that can fit all of your travel or business needs! And with bright colors and bold designs these bags are not only practical, but exciting and fun.
Sarah has truly made herself; someone to watch out for. Not only has she been nominated twice for the Fashion Group International's 'Rising Star Award', but she will be airing her new line on QVC this February. With her placement on QVC, Sarah hopes to share her new collection with women, such as those who read blogs, who are modern, confident and strong women on-the-go. Sarah hopes to inspire and empower any woman who wears her bag – creating bold looks that represent an attitude and lifestyle that is full of passion and adventure.
I highly recommend Sarah's bags found at eenamaria! You can buy eenamaria's bags at Thank you eenamaria and Family Review Network for this review opportunity!


Qtpies7 said...

Very cute! I can see why Maddie would claim it for herself!

Gretchen said...

What a great bag! I'm addicted to purses, so I'll be checking out her line soon! :)