Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jeep for pets!

Most all dogs love to play, and they need toys. I have bought at least 3 or 4 good toys for our little dog, Lena (1/2 Pug, 1/2 Japanese Chin) over the 3 1/2 years that we have had her. I have had to perform "surgery" on her main toy~ Lady bug~ a few times, because Lena LOVES to chew, fetch, and play with her lady bug. She knows her lady bug well, and will go find it when we ask her, "Where is Lady?" When we got the Jeep Ruff and Tough Toys, (one that looks like a man and one that is a ball) Lena was a bit shy to try them out. I think she is timid of change.
Once I got her going though, she enjoys her new toys immensely! The kids and I have a lot of fun throwing her new toys for her with the built in strap. The Jeep Rough and Tough toys are made so well, that I am almost positive they won't have to have surgery. The Jeep Rough and Tough toys are manufactured with a resilient, durable ballistic nylon fabric, and the toys are available in other shapes like a bone and flying disc, besides the ball and a man. SRP $9.99-12.99 We like to take Lena on trips with us, and one thing we are not fond of with her traveling is the hair. Dog hair gets "glued" to the seat when dogs sit there. I like that Jeep makes a quilted, water resistant car seat cover! The cover has a non-skid padded foam rubber backing so the cover won't slide off the seat! I love that feature! Not only is the Jeep Car Seat Cover great for keeping the dog hair off the seats, it protects the seats from dust, sun fading, and dirt. I have four kids, and I am sure the Jeep Car Seat Cover will help keep the stains in the van minimal, too. One big bonus for the Jeep car seat cover, is it is washable in the wash machine! Makes my life easier! The seat cover fits most popular cars and SUV models. Available in hot pink camo and army green camo. SRP $36.99-39.99 I know we will get full use out of the car seat cover!


Gretchen said...

Our dog has a stuffed koala bear that is her baby. We can say, "Where's baby?" and she goes off running. I've given up sewing it back together. The stuffing is all gone, but she still loves it! :)

Thanks for the info on the seat covers. Golden Retrievers are tops at shedding, so we sure could use that.

Qtpies7 said...

Cute toy! I need to get a new toy for Oreo, he is about done with his last one, lol.