Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Piano for Preschoolers

I took piano lessons for over 14 years, and I can honestly say that practicing wasn't something I looked forward to or enjoyed. When I first started out, there was so much to learn and so much that seemed so hard! It is a challenge to learn to read music, especially for the younger children. I was impressed when I took out the materials from Piano for Preschoolers (basic coarse). There is a song music book with 17 songs in it that accompanies a 17-track CD. Plus, there is a lesson book for the parent/teacher that has 19 lessons in it. To help preschoolers learn how to play, they use the two keyboard color strip guides. You just place the color guides onto your keys, and kids can learn from color rather than notes on a staff. What is nice about the color strips included in the kit, one fits a piano, and one fits a mini keyboard. That is a special bonus, because you can get your child practicing piano while on the road. They don't even know they are practicing that way!
Piano for Preschoolers costs $39.95 for the Basic Course, and I think this is a valuable price to get your preschooler interested in piano playing. The Basic coarse is designed for ages 3-8. Piano is a great instrument because it teaches math skills with counting. I really like the Piano for Preschoolers approach with teaching young ones, by color. Not only are they learning their colors, they are putting it to music. The kids get exposed to the keys, and can start to get comfortable where the notes are. There are a few lessons in the back of the book that actually teach the notes on the staff (spaces and lines) so that your child is ready to move on to reading piano music. I am excited to be doing this program with my child, and it is so much fun seeing him get excited about learning how to play piano!
Piano for preschoolers offer other products for purchase too, like songbooks, mini keyboards, and a few different gift packages.


Qtpies7 said...

That would be an amazing product! I wish I could afford it right now, Trinity would love to learn to play the piano as part of her school.

Kristie said...

I have seen this before and I'm hoping to get it! I would love to get my daughter playing piano! :-)