Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bob the Builder ON SITE: Skyscrapers

My son has been on a Bob the Builder kick lately, and he was so excited about the new Bob the Builder ON SITE: Skyscraper movie that just came out today, March 17! This Bob the Builder DVD is just like the other Bob the Builder episodes...he is a great builder with positive thinking and a great Can-Do team!From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, Bob the Builder ON SITE: Skyscrapers, is jammed pack with real live skyscrapers being built. Bob and his Can-Do Crew hammer out solutions that lead to a job well done. From start to finish, the team proves that The Fun Is In Getting It Done! Bob the Builder ON SITE: Skyscrapers is available ONLY on DVD, and is never-before-seen on TV.
Reaching new heights in construction, Bob and his Can-Do Crew – Dizzy, Roley, Lofty, Tumbler, Flex and the rest of the team – take future architects and contractors out for another on-site adventure, this time to learn how the urban tower – the skyscraper – is built. From drafting the blueprints to laying the foundation, finishing the top-most floor and installing the elevator system, Skyscrapers breaks the process down into engaging, easy-to-follow stages, incorporating Bob the Builder’s delightful animation and charming characters, along with live action construction site footage. The sky has no limit in this latest title from everyone’s favorite builder!
· Build It with Bob Puzzle
· Trivia Tune Up
· Bonus Episode Roary the Racing Car in “Big Chris learns to Fly”, the all-new animated series from the creators of Bob the Builder

This is a great DVD for children, and one that will be watched over and over. I really like that Bob the Builder has come out with a DVD that is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Kids are thrilled with the animation of Bob the Builder, and is excited to see live-action with the added footage of the skyscrapers!

NOW available online or in stores for SRP $14.95.

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