Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun "girly" toys now available!

Madelyn had her 2nd birthday party this weekend (with the Grandparents) and she was very curious about one of her gifts. Every time she walked near the gift, it moved and babbled. Her brother, Caleb was quite curious as well, and almost opened it up himself!
Here are some pictures of her opening her gift:

Caleb wanted to "help" her out. He wanted to open all of her gifts.
She was really excited to see the little baby inside her gift!
She couldn't figure out how the baby was crawling and making baby sounds.
I think she was trying to get the baby to look at her.
She was having her new little baby kissing her new little puppy. She is really getting into pretend play at her age, and the Little Mommy Scoot so Cute doll from Fisher Price is fun for her to "be the mommy" to. The Scoot so Cute dolls are perfect for ages 2 and up, and retail for $27.00 from Fisher Price. She crawls, coos, giggles, and makes a spitting sound. She is pretty quick across the floor, and starts crawling from a motion sensor. Scoot so Cute doll is a fun toy for your little girl to play with and pretend to be mommy to.

Are you looking for a gift for your daughter's birthday, or for her to give to her friend?Polly Pocket Designables Perfect Party Bag makes the perfect present for the birthday girl! Polly Pockets are a popular hit for girls ages 4 and up. Madelyn is a little young for Polly Pockets yet, due to the small parts, but I am sure she will enjoy them in a few years. The new set of Polly's: Designables Perfect Party Bag has 25 pieces, including a birthday cake, invitations, decorations, and more! The packaging is a fun on-the-go tote with a floral handle. There are two different totes containing either Polly or Lila (dolls). Available for $17.99, ages 4+ You can find them online, or at a local retailer like Target or Walmart.
Polly Pockets also have other fun sets available! Polly Pocket Designable Doll Packs would be a fun gift to put in the Easter basket! Polly Pocket and her friends Chrissy, Lea, Lila, Shani and Kerstie bring the trendy, stylish and polly-tastic fashions to every girls Easter basket! Each doll pack includes a doll and super-chic interchangeable outfits and, at only $5.99 each, they’re a perfect, affordable alternative to all those sugar-laden sweets! Available for ages 4+.
Polly and friends will love to shop and play in the new, multi-level Polly Pocket Designables Courtyard. The girls can dance the night away in the disco, visit the glam shopping boutique and shop til they drop or visit the scrumptious cafĂ© – the possibilities are endless! To make it ever more Polly-fabulous, the Courtyard glows with a light up feature! The Polly Pocket Designables Mall Stores lets girls build their own Polly world, their way, and features shopping at its best to include the Glamour Shop with Polly, Candy Shop with Crissy, Electronics Shop with Lea, Fashion Boutique with Lila, Sports Shop with Shani and Music Shop with Kerstie. When attached to the Designables Courtyard, the individual Mall Stores will each light up. The Desingables Courtyard is available for $25.99 and the Designables Mall Stores are available for $13.99, both are ages 4+.


Gretchen said...

Those are such adorable photos! Looks like she had a blast! I was at my cousin's first birthday party on Saturday. He was so cute opening his gifts by tasting all of them first. :)

Qtpies7 said...

What an adorable crawling doll! I had one when I was little and I just loved it!

TopazTook said...

If you want to get her a doll she can dress before she's ready for Polly Pockets, the Fisher Price Snap 'n Style dolls are great -- two-year-olds really can change their clothes all by themselves.