Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sign Language = good communication!

I love that I have found out about teaching children Sign Language! My children have caught on to sign language pretty quickly, and they LOVE the Signing Time videos featuring Rachel, Alex, Leah....and we can't forget Hopkins! With the kids learning Signing, we have been able to know what they want even before they were talking clearly. Madelyn has used so many signs while talking! This is a language that can be used throughout their life, and it opens the doors for communicating with the deaf. I love signing because I love talking with my hands, plus I think it is a great way to worship! I have always been fascinated with those who signed!

Signing Time videos are so great! Rachel Coleman sings fun songs, Leah and Alex help "show/act" the sign being taught, and there are fun characters to animate the signs! Rachel uses a lot of repetitiveness to help make the sign be remembered. I often find myself singing songs from the videos during my day. The songs are catchy, and it really helps kids grasp the signs when put to music. Rachel Coleman, the star of Signing Time, helps the viewers to know why a sign is used for a particular thing. She does a fantastic job!
I wanted to let you know of a great promotion that Signing Time has going on for this month! If you purchase Baby Signing Time DVD Gift Set Vol. 1-4, you will save over 25%! This special promotion includes a bonus "Good Night Baby CD" and FREE Shipping! There is no coupon code needed for this great deal! You have until March 31 to take advantage of this offer!

I highly recommend Signing Time videos to teach your children (and yourself) a new language! You really can communicate with your child even before their "first spoken words."

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Qtpies7 said...

We love Signing Times! We are not as dedicated to them as you are, but they are fun.