Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday and bits of pieces....

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday~ honey! We had a great day so far...we got up and went to church. It was Youth Sunday~ and that is when the Youth Group leads in worship, song, and prayer. Our Youth Pastor gave the sermon. I missed most of the sermon, because Cole needed a diaper change and to be fed. This usually happens during the church service when my babies are little. Cole is getting so big! He had an appointment last Thursday for his 2 month check up. He is now 11 pounds 14 ounces! It is hard to believe that he is almost 10 weeks old already! Don't worry, I am not looking to have another anytime soon...the labor/birth/recovery is so fresh in my mind, and it isn't a pleasant thought. At least I have a beautiful baby, and he is healthy! He still has a bump on the top of his head. It is hard, and that is a bit worrisome. I asked the Dr. about it, and she said it was odd to her that it was still there after 2 months. She said sometimes when they give shots, and they hit a vein, kids can get a harder lump from calcium build-up (from the blood). So, she thinks that may be what it is. Too hard to tell. She said we could maybe go to a Skull Dr., but with Cole being so little, there really isn't too much the Dr. could do. So, we wait. Madelyn had her 2 year check up the same day as Cole's 2 month. She is finally on the charts with her weight! She is now 23 pounds (still a little peanut), but she is growing well. She will just always be petite, I think. She a busy little girl, and learning more everyday! I can't believe my little baby girl is a toddler. Of coarse, she loves to say, "NO!" and she is learning Independence with getting dressed/undressed. She loves to give kisses and hugs, and is our cuddler.
For the last two nights, we have had friends over for game night. We love having friends over and entertaining. On Friday night, we had over our friends Lisa and Donnie. Our other friend, Jody and her husband were suppose to come over, but they had forgotten. We had fun playing our new Yatzee game. Good laughs, and fun. Then, on Saturday evening, we had over Jodi and Ben. We have really enjoyed playing this game called Ticket to Ride. I was hoping to review the game on my site, but no luck. It is a really fun game, and my husband especially loves it because it is trains.
I am sorry I haven't been writing too many personal blogs lately. I have been so busy with 4 kids. It really makes a difference from 3 to 4.....especially since they are all under the age of 4~ Caleb will be 4 end of May. I do want to get better with writing about our kids, what they do, and our family times. I will try to get more pictures uploaded too.
Tonight I am going to go pick up Nathaniel from his weekend with his Dad. I hope he had a good weekend with his Dad. We have been going through some things with Nathaniel and we are seeking guidance. I pray that we can help him get through his heart issues. He is 10 years old, and in such a crucial moment in his life. The other night we sat down with him and let him say anything he wanted to us. He could share his feelings, anger, fear~ whatever he wanted. If he was mad at us, or whatever. He had to stay respectful through it. It was amazing what our results were. I will have to go into more details about that another post. I hope you all had a good weekend. More later.


Gretchen said...

Hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday!! :)

jpandtheboys said...

Happy Birthday Terry!! I hope you all had a great day. As far as Maddie goes we are in the same spot with Brody, NO NO NO... is what mainly comes out of his mouth and of course STOP IT! i love it! Not.
I am curious to hear how the talk went with Nathaniel. I think it's cool that you guys did that. I can imagine what that gives him when you tell him he can sit there and share anything he wants with you. Take care my dear friend. love you.

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your DH!!

I love all the sharing about your kiddos. I cant believe Cole will be 10 weeks! Too fast! How big was he at his 2 week apt? Cayden weighed 9lbs 11oz! I just tear up thinking about how much he has already grown!

I too think its great that you let Nathaniel say what was on his heart. That did so much for him I am sure.

Hope you are still healing well!! love ya!!