Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Game Night

Did you grow up playing Battleship, Connect Four, Sorry, Boggle and Yatzee? These were some of my favorite games growing up! Yatzee is still a favorite of mine. I love that Hasbro and EA games have come out with these games for our video gaming systems like the Wii and
Playstations! Now our kids can enjoy these fun and entertaining games without us worrying about losing the pieces. Family Game Night has the classic games hosted by none other than Mr. Potato Head himself. He makes faces, sounds and flys around your own gaming room showing you around. In your room, that you can design, you can display trophies you win.
The games are fun to play and there are added twists to the game, like power chips with Connect Four, Reverse Yahtzee and Sorry Sliders. You can also host a Game Party by choosing your favorite games, number of players, and time you want to play.
Family Game Night can be played by mostly 2 players, but some games you can play up to 4 players. The suggested retail price of the Playstation 2 version of Family Game Night is $19.95. You can also get this game for the Nintendo Wii. The rating is E for everyone.
Our family, especially me and Nathaniel, love playing this game. We really enjoy the Battleship game! It is so fun to sink each others ships~ that is once we find them. If you love video games, I suggest this game. There is great strategies with the games, and you can have fun outwitting other members of your family.


Mtlgrl4evr said...

This game looks awesome. My family would love it. I may get it for my daughter for her upcoming birthday!

Nicole said...

We have Family Game Night for the Wii and love it. It's actually what made me realize that my 6 year old and 4 year old daughters are ready for the board games. We managed to win a bunch of Hasbro board games including Sorry and Connect 4 and we're enjoying those too!