Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Speaking of bathtime...

I wish I would have had my camera in the bathroom tonight. Isn't that usually the case? You have a super cute moment, one that should be in photo, and the camera is nowhere in sight.

Anyway, I was giving Maddie and Caleb a bath. They LOVE bath time!! I had mentioned in a previous post about how Maddie loves to splash at me...well, some of that did happen tonight. What the funny thing is about tonight's bath time, is I was washing their hair, and then I "styled" it for them. Madelyn's stuck up in three different areas and had sweet little curls. Caleb's went into a punk rocker style, with the Mohawk. I don't think I will ever give him that kind of hair cut, but styling the kid's hair with shampoo makes it fun to see the "what-if..."

I will know better next time to keep the camera close at hand.

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Anonymous said...

I hate it when you miss a shot like that!! Next time!!