Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E-Z School supplies: Back to school....

With only a month and a half until school starts up again, we are starting to think about what we need to do to prepare for school items. I know some stores are already filling up the front of the stores with bins and shelves full of school supplies. I am so thankful I was introduced to the great site called EZ School supplies! Talk about making shopping for school supplies E-Z! Why deal with the hustle and bustle of Wal-Mart or Target, when I can have the convenience of at-home shopping with EZ School supplies! The prices are very comparable and competitive with Wal-Mart and Target, just a few items may be slightly higher. I really don't mind paying a little extra for the easiness that EZ School supply offers, plus I save on my gas prices.
EZ School Supplies has a great program that is for all public, private and charter schools along with any group, organization or team. EZ School Supply is web based and anyone can take advantage of the convenience even if they are not connected with a school or organization. I think this would be great with Home schools, too! Every organization that enrolls with EZ School Supplies will receive a ten percent (10%) donation of the total net sales. The donation can come in the form of a cash donation or in the form of additional supplies.
I really think that the EZ School Supplies is the way to go for getting ready for school! I can also customize and request the colors I need for notebooks, back packs, T-shirts, planners, etc. I also like that the supplies come in great, cardboard boxes with a handle. There is a box on there for my child's name, grade, teacher, and school. So, I can use this box to keep memorabilia from the school year, and put it in a safe place to reflect on in later years. I like that kind of organization!


Alicia @ said...

AHHHH....I am not ready yet!!!! LOL I need this morning sickness to go away before I can teach!!! I do have to say the request thing is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

I will be checking this site out!!