Sunday, July 27, 2008

Snacktivate: A Review

Kids need healthier snacks, don't you agree? Kid's need better options with their snack selections, and I am so happy that the Kellogg's company is gearing toward the better nutrition with snacks with Snacktivate. I really like this new incentive program, because it is a way to encourage moms to request their kids to participate in meal planning and preparations. The Kellogg Company has teamed up with family life expert, Deb Geigis Berry and registered dietitian Rachel Brandeis, to give moms a way to create healthier snacks for their kids while spending quality time with their kids. The Snacktivate offers many recipes to use healthy cereals to make fun treats and nutritious, too! The Kellogg company sent me 2 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats and a reusable snack cup to make a recipe and to help spread the word of this great new program. We love the reusable snack cup. I can freeze the bottom cup and keep milk cold in there. In the top cup I can put nutritious Kellogg's cereal, and tucked inside the cover is a spoon that opens up. I got a recipe to make Sassy Sun pops by using the Frosted mini wheats, and a few other baking ingredients to make crunchy peanut butter cookies. By pressing flax seeds and raw almonds into the cookie dough, the kids and I can make the cookie look like a sunflower. Then we just insert the cookie sticks, bake and enjoy a sunny snack time centerpiece. Each finished Sassy Sunpop provides a sweet snack with about 130 calories and 6 grams of sugar. I like that we end up with a fun craft, a tasty snack and necessary nutrition all from one. What a memory builder, and the kids can say that they helped make it. Everything always tastes better when you make it, right?

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