Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July~

Last night, I was with friends out to dinner! It was a fun night! It was our friend's birthday celebration~ 50 years! So, we kidnapped her and took her out to eat! We had some good talks, and good laughs. I love getting together with these ladies! Then, when I got home, we went to a nearby city to watch the fireworks. They were spectacular! Caleb and Maddie were not impressed at all. So, they safely watched from inside the van with a light on. Their eyes were glued to the fireworks from inside their safe domain.

Today, our lake is having a boat parade. Every year we have been here, we have watched it from our shoreline, but this year we are participating. Nathaniel is going to ride in the tube behind the pontoon, and it will be fun. Last year, people launched water balloons from their boats at other boats or at onlookers. This year, the balloons are banned...which is a bummer. I do understand about not wanting the balloon pieces in the lake for different reasons, but it is still sad.

This afternoon, we are heading over to my aunt and uncle's for a family reunion we do every year. It is so great to see relatives, chat, eat, swim, go boating...I love it! In the late evening, usually my uncles and brothers bring out their instruments, and we all sing and listen to them. It is a great highlight. Most of the time we sing great Hymns. I am not sure if we will head up to a bigger city to watch the firework display or not.

I hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July!


Gretchen said...

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth and enjoy your family reunion. We have one to go to tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The way you describe this sounds so wonderful and fun and relaxing. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day celebrating the sacrifices of so many that made our lives possible!

Be well my friend, Sniz

Qtpies7 said...

It was a fun dinner, wasn't it?

I'll be figuring out the recipe amounts and dropping the ingredients off sometime today, is there a good time? And can we borrow that gigantic cooker you have for the meat? Donnie thinks we'll need two.