Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a woman thing....

Ever since I became pregnant with my first child, or was it after I went through his delivery, I have had a harder time with control. You know the feeling (if you have had a few vaginal deliveries...or even one delivery)...maybe you are pregnant for the first time and you are starting to experience it.
You start laughing...then you are laughing even harder, and pretty soon you have to walk cross-legged to the bathroom trying desperately to hold it in until you can relieve yourself. Or on another occasion, you feel a sudden sneeze coming on, then you quickly cross your legs together before the sneeze comes, just so you don't "spill" any fluid out. This can also happen with coughing, lifting, or even exercising. ANYONE RELATE? Did you know that most women (1 in 4 women) suffer with this very common issue called bladder leakage? 8 out of 10 women are embarrassed to talk about this, and it is amazing that so many go through this. Why do we go through this alone?
There is a special kind of pad that can protect you from this leakage issue. Poise pads are made especially for light leakage. Poise has pads for the "time of the month" bleeding, and pads for light leakage. They are different pads and hold fluids differently. The Poise pads for leakage keep odors in, and the fluids contained. There are solutions for bladder leakage that you can try, too.

Here is a great story of a lady named Linda Michael, who was the recipient of the Poise brand Passion Award. You should read her story. She is in the picture on this post (she is the one in the middle). The other two ladies are Missy Lavender of the Women's Health Foundation (on the left), and Amy Attenberger Poise brand manager (on the right).
Just know that you are not alone with this (sometimes embarrassing) subject, and there is a solution that can help: Poise pads. I am glad I found out about this to work on those Kegals!


Leigh said...

Good for you blogging about this, Sarah. I know soooo many women are afraid to talk about this. This is also something that we need to bring up at our yearly (yearly...that's a nice theory isnt it? lol) OB appts. Sometimes we're putting up with WAY more than we need to be, or should be. I read a neat tip when I pregnant with my son, every time you're stopped at a red light, do your Kegals. It's an easy reminder, and can really help!

Fratzels said...

Relate? Oh my...I have actually wet my pants (I mean puddle on the floor) b/c I was laughing so hard. I couldn't stop myself. the more I peed, the more I laughed. It was just my mom and hubs - thank goodness - that were around!