Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday night at Ladies Night Out!

I look forward to Ladies Night Out every month! The next day after ladies night, I look forward to the next one! We had so much fun last night! We really had a lot of ladies there last night, despite the amazing storm brewing in. We had our regular attendees (minus one) and one new lady. We had a very nutritious lay-out of food, really! I thought about bringing caramel and apple wedges, then I thought about cheese and crackers...but I ended up bringing celery, carrots, cucumbers and dip. My friend, Paula ended up bringing the apples & caramel and the cheese & crackers. It cracked me up. We were going to work on another ladies flower arrangements with her. Her daughter is getting married next Saturday, but unfortunately we really didn't get to the flowers. (Sorry!!) We played the game Fact or Crap, and that was very comical. Paula was very good about getting her choice down first, so she would either get 2 chips or lose 2 chips. (Whomever had the most chips at the end won).
Then, we played Guesstures! What a hoot that was! You have to act out words with out props, before the card slips through the slot. I loved watching everyone act out words, and what they thought up. What made the teams really great was we were split up from the sides of tables we were on. We didn't even know at the time, but we were color-divided. One side of the table toted women in pink and yellow shirts. So, they called themselves the Pink Lemonades. Then, on the other side of the table ~my side...A.K.A. "the winners," were in patriotic colors of the Red, White and Blue! We were even in the order of 2 red shirts, one white, and 2 blue shirts! The two blue shirts was Lisa and Jeannie! How cool is that! It was so funny. I had to insert my foot into my mouth at one moment...I still feel bad! This one lady was up there arranging her cards in the slots to get ready. She was making sounds of moaning... and I blurted out, a cow in labor! (like I was guessing her word) Isn't that awful! I was totally kidding, and not implying it to her, but...ya know, the foot went in my mouth for that comment!
I was in tears several times for the many super funny things that were discussed and shared! I love Ladies Night Out! I love being with my friends!


Anonymous said...

I love ladies night too.. infact, we are having one Thursday night at my house Bunco time Woohoo!!
I left you a little suprise on my blog check it out...

Qtpies7 said...

Ohh, I love Bunco!!!!

LNO was a blast, as usual, after we got back into our regular room.

yep, you sure did put your foot in your mouth, lol, it was pretty funny. But Dawn didn't take it the wrong way at all.