Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm gonna wash that grime right out of my tub!

Summertime promotes almost daily bath times at our house. Kids play in the mud, in the dirt, in the pool, at the park...bugs, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc. We use the tub so much more in the summer months, and our tub can get so dirty, with a dirt ring, so quickly!
I was so happy to review the Scubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber from SC Johnson! It is such an easy cleaning product! I really like the Scrubbing Bubbles products, because they really work so great! All I had to do with the action scrubber, was take the foam pad and push it down on top of the blue-sided cleaning pad...add water, and I was scrubbing away that dirt ring! Here are some key facts about the Action Scrubber:
*Each pad contains tiny scrubbing fibers and concentrated Scrubbing Bubbles® formula. *As you clean, the concentrated formula creates penetrating foam that loosens, dissolves and lifts away soap scum and grime in your tub and shower. *Remove the pad from the handle to clean tight spaces, like in corners and around shower fixtures. Action Scrubber™ cleans without gritty chemicals, so it rinses away easily, leaving a brilliant shine. *When you're finished cleaning, simply toss the pad in the trash along with the dirt and grime. *You can use the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber: on tile, tubs, shower, shower curtains, and shower doors.
I really liked how the handle was so easy to maneuver! It really did make the cleaning go smoother. I give this product an A, and I highly recommend it!
Thank you MomCentral for this review!

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