Monday, July 21, 2008

Pictures from the Beth Moore Weekend

My friend, Jeannie took these pictures from the conference, and she was gracious enough to share them with me, so I can show you glimpses of my weekend. She has some of the same on her blog, so go see her, too. Thanks for sharing Jeannie! It was great to spend time with you this weekend, too!
This is a picture of Beth on Friday night. She is so wonderful. Her stories are captivating, her soul and heart is on fire for God. She is ready to spread the word of God, and that is her mission. She told her husband (before they were wed) that he would have to know that she was going to be totally working for the Lord. She had to explain herself, because usually that meant she would become a nun. ~lol, she didn't know what the Lord had planned for her, but she just knew she would be a servant for HIM.
Beth is a very personable lady. She said it scares her to death to come in front of all these people at the conferences. So, by helping her face that fear head on, she goes out and looks people in the face, and "gets in their face," as they call in down south. (She is in Tennessee). She was kind of picking on this guy, because guys were big time minority for the conference. So, she wanted to know what brought him to the conference.
Here Beth put on her "cheese head" to let WI know that she would be there soon for a conference. Of coarse she got some squeels and applause from a select few in the audience.
This is the worship team. They were wonderful! I loved hearing their voices and seeing them honor God with their talents. They really were wonderful to help lead us to worship God.
This is Travis Cotterell, and he was the worship leader. He has an amazing talent from God. He writes a lot of his own music, and even shared a new one that he wrote with us for the conference. WOW~ he is great, and God shines through him!

Here is some of the ladies that were from our church that went to the conference. We stayed at the hotel. Friday night, we went walking and ate at 8th Street Grill. It was a good time, and we laughed a bunch. Too bad Jeannie didn't get in on this picture...she is behind the camera.


Alicia @ said...

I LOVE Beth Moore, my MIL is also a huge fan of her!! I think I will be going to a local conference at the beginning of August...looking forward to it!! Glad you had fun with all the ladies!!

Anonymous said...

What conference was this? I thought the big Twin Cities Christian women conference (sorry, I'm drawing a blank on the name) was usually in the fall? -- I would like to go some time.

Is this something different, or did they change it because of the Republican convention this year?

Sassyfrazz said...


I can not open your site to leave a comment, so I hope you get this.

It was the Beth Moore Conference (Living Proof) that was at the Target Center this last weekend. It was amazing, and wonderful!
It wasn't the Christian Women Conference. It was Beth Moore in Conference, and Travis Cotterell.