Monday, July 21, 2008

basq Energizing lotion: A review

Do you ever have those moments that you need to relax your feet from the stress of being on them all the time, or your muscles could use a massage, or you want to cool the sunburn? If you answered yes to these questions, or even one of them, then you need to get some Energizing Lotion from basq! I love the Energizing lotion from basq for these reasons, and just to smell the great aromas of the Green tea, Lavender and Eucalyptus in the lotion. Caleb and Madelyn love the smells, just rejuvenates. The Energizing body lotion from basq is 100% safe for use during pregnancy and free of harmful chemicals. It has been clinically tested for NO Skin Irritant or allergy, too...which I like with my sensitive skin.
I was highly impressed with the Energizing Body lotion! I love how it feels going on...very smooth, the scents wake me up (which is very helpful these days), and I love the cool and refreshing feeling once it is on my skin. There is Aloe Vera in the ingredients, too, which is a natural healing agent.
Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier are the Co-founders of basq skin care products. Here is their philosophy:
When it comes to concerns over stretch marks, itchy belly, break outs and blemishes, swollen legs, sleeplessness and sensitive skin, we believe pregnant and new mothers deserve the best in quality and beauty without compromising safety. What does the best in maternity skin care mean? To find out, we spent a year talking to hundreds of pregnant women and new mothers to hear their pregnancy skin care concerns. While every woman experiences pregnancy differently, we found most women shared very similar physical and emotional concerns. Out of these discussions - and our personal experiences - came the four guiding principles of Basq:
Offer pregnancy skin care products pregnant women truly need.
Create high-quality, results-oriented pregnancy skin care.
Deliver an experience that women will really enjoy — both during and after pregnancy.
Take a serious stance on safety. You can read more details of their philosophy here.
basq offers a great selection of skin care products:
Body Oil, Facial Cleanser, Aromatherapy, Body Polish, a Spa Kit, Eye Gel, Spa socks, Spa gloves, and a Mom2B Spa Kit (I want that one!).
One fact from basq I would like to leave with you is this:
What does the name basq mean?
Quite simply: Basq in this moment … it's yours to enjoy. basq is a playful spin on the notion of basking in this special time. However one feels about the experience of pregnancy, everyone can agree it is an extraordinary time. We chose "basq" as it summarized the experience our products brings to women.


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, sounds fantastic!!!

Alicia @ said...

Will you have a review on pregnancy belly stuff like for stretch marks...the oils and lotions that are out there?? Or maybe you can give me your personal opinion on this!!!

This does sound good though!!