Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teeth? Or Sick?

Madelyn is really working on 4 (her first four) teeth. Her gums are bulging, and I can see the whites of teeth under her gums. She has been pooping more, like 5 diapers a day. Her poor little heiny! Well, last night she had a higher fever. During the night, she started a barking cough. Then, this morning (at 5:40 A.M) I woke up with her super hot!
I gave her the Motrin, and checked her temperature. It was 101.7 under the arm. We aren't even sure our thermometer is right on, because it takes forever to get the results! Poor little girl! Her cheeks were flushed, and when she was sitting on my lap...I could feel her hot little bottom! ~That is how hot she was!
So, with having such a high temperature, and that cough, we will be making a trip in to see the Dr. this morning. I am pretty sure it is just her teeth, because she no longer has the cough this morning. Plus, she has no other symptoms. She is happy, smiley, and playful. So, we will see. Maybe I should cancel her appointment...I hate to bring in kids just to hear, "They are fine...or it's just a virus." And~pay $25.00 to hear them say it.

I have my first "baby" appointment today. I have to do a verification test~ pee in a cup. Then, I will be talking to the CNP about a health questionnaire, I believe. I am sure we will schedule an ultrasound to make sure all is good with the baby. Due to a miscarriage 2 years ago, I am in a greater risk category. So, I look forward to the ultrasound to see that little heart beating.


jpandtheboys said...

I am sorry to hear about Maddie. Poor baby girl. I understand what you are going through we just got over that. :(

I am sooooooo excited to hear about your appointment. Call me. Please!! YEAH!!!!!!

Milk Mama said...

Good luck at your appointment. The first is so exciting to hear the baby's heartbeat!

I hope Maddie is ok! It's hard to say. I always freaked out (being a new mom) and took Anna to the doctor's at the sign of any fever lol but she has always been over it in a couple of days or less. I guess it's your call if you think she can be on on just Motrin. I've noticed Anna gets fevers sometimes with teeth coming in. This time around it's a really runny nose! (She has teeth coming in right now, too)

Qtpies7 said...

Sam is teething big time. He just got done with cutting his 4 molars, which took a month of grumpies. And now he is cutting all 4 i teeth! That is why he is so super grumpy! And he is running out the nose like a faucet left on.
I hope the car will start tomorrow so I can join you for your u/s!